Do Any of These Situations Describe How You Might Be Feeling?

• You are feeling stuck in your current job
• Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t what you expected
• As a business owner you’re struggling to make ends meet
• As an entrepreneur you’re not reaching the success you want
• You are not finding the freelancing gigs you have the talent for
• You want to start your own business but you’re not sure where to start

If you are feeling frustrated because of one of these situations, you’re not alone. Believe me. I’ve been there myself and had to overcome many life obstacles to get where I am today. As a successful personal injury attorney for 30 years, I’ve created a life I wanted through the power of authentic relationships. Now it’s your turn to achieve the success you’ve been chasing.


Business Success – How Do You Get There?

Being successful in business can mean so many things to different people. It just depends on your unique situation and what you are trying to achieve. So, let’s talk about some different scenarios.


Scenario 1: You Don’t Like Your Current Job but You’re Fearful of Trying Something New

It’s natural to fear a big change in life, especially when it comes to your financial future. So often, business professionals start to feel unfulfilled in their job role or they’re wondering if they are on the right career path. It’s even common to feel like you want to switch industries altogether. If you’re feeling like this, it’s time for a change. I can help you identify the best aspects of your professional experience, so you look more attractive to potential employers. With my clients, I ensure accountability to keep you on track with your goals and moving forward to your next job.


Scenario 2: The Business You Own is Just Barely Staying Afloat

Since the pandemic, times have become tough for business owners, especially small or family-owned businesses. There are very tough choices to make when it comes to owning your own business. Are you experiencing a lack of funds to keep in business? Or, maybe you’re spending too much time working in your business instead of on your business. Lately, we have seen that it’s hard to find and retain good employees. If this sounds familiar, I can help you manage these challenges. As someone who started their own business over 30 years ago, I know first-hand the obstacles business owners have to overcome to succeed.


Scenario 3: You’ve Been Thinking About Starting Your Own Business but You’re Not Sure How

Are you having self-doubt about starting your own business? If so, you’re probably asking  yourself, how much money do I need to start my business or where do I even begin. I won’t lie, starting your own business can be a daunting task but with the right help, determination, and
accountability you can succeed. I give my clients advice on strategy, problem-solving, and developing the mindset and skills they need to successfully to start a business.


How I Can Help You Succeed

Throughout my life as an entrepreneur, I can tell you that success is much easier than what people have told you. The right actions lead to success in life and business, and I can help get you there. Success means something different to everyone. After listening to you and
understanding your goals, I will help you come up with the steps you need to take to achieve the success you’ve been chasing.

My professional business experience can help you develop the required skills and mindset to achieve success whether you’re looking to start a new career path, get more qualified freelancing gigs, or start your own business. My job is to give you valuable, unbiased insight
into what you’re doing now and what you’re trying to achieve. The end goal is for you to:

• Feel better about yourself
• Have your own unique path to achieve success
• Be accountable for your work and recognize when change is needed

Stop waiting for things to improve on their own. It’s very unlikely that will happen. If you’re interested in finding out how my success can help influence you, schedule a consultation today.

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    Our Happy Clients

    Christopher Nicolaysen Lawyer and Owner of Springs Law Group.

    The first time I met Neal, we instantly connected. We connected because Neal is genuine and authentic. When we were in conversation, he was fully present. Neal is a loving husband and father, and I am honored to call him a friend.

    -Christopher Nicolaysen Lawyer and Owner of Springs Law Group.
    Michael Samuel Lawyer and Owner of Samuel and Stein

    I have been practicing law for the past thirty years and have come across hundreds of lawyers. Several stick out in my mind as true and genuine people. Neal is certainly one of those individuals. I am lucky to call Neal a friend. We met at a mastermind group a number of years ago and I frequently need to bounce ideas and issues off of Neal and he is always so giving with his time. I truly appreciate his friendship.

    -Michael Samuel Lawyer and Owner of Samuel and Stein
    Paula Cialella

    Neal is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable in ways to inspire. His dedication to help others always shines through. He finds creative advice and ways to motivate and bring out the best in you. After talking with him I always feel uplifted and encouraged to do better. I trust Neal to help make my future brighter!

    -Paula Cialella
    Ernest Mingione Actor/Lawyer

    I’ve known Neal Goldstein for over thirty years. Neal is just such a good guy. He is very compassionate and intelligent. I often say “that to have world peace the world needs millions of Neal Goldsteins. When I was studying for the bar exam, Neal gave me wonderful advice, much of which I still use. Man, do I love my friend Neal Goldstein.

    -Ernest Mingione Actor/Lawyer
    Gurpreet “Sonny”Singh , Commercial Real Estate Broker

    I know that I can always count on Neal to give me his honest, forthright, and valuable advice, while at the same time treating me with the utmost respect. It is a rare combination to find someone who values relationships and wants everyone around him to be doing great. He genuinely cares to listen to what I have to say, and he never hesitates to take time in the midst of his busy life to stop to share stories, advice, and words of positivity. Since speaking with Neal over the years, I began to see challenges in life differently and began prioritizing my relationships, because in the long run, that is all that matters.

    -Gurpreet “Sonny”Singh , Commercial Real Estate Broker

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